While playing baseball for his former college team, Ole Miss, Brett Young learned he needed Tommy John surgery. At the time, the Californian didn’t know he was a #1 country artist in the making – he just knew his path to playing Major League Baseball was over.

“I thought for my whole life I was gonna play baseball and then God decided I wasn’t gonna do that,” Brett says.

The result was one of the toughest choices Brett ever made: to close the chapter on his baseball dreams and move to Los Angeles to pursue music. Six years later, he took a plunge again, trading his home state to chase the dream in Nashville.

That’s Caliville.

Life can straight up suck sometimes, but it’s deciding to push through anyway that makes you strong. “Caliville represents more than my personal journey,” Brett says. “It’s about going after what you want and not letting anybody else discourage you. It’s about taking risks in order to achieve something that means everything to you.”

Your journey might not start in California, it might not be about music. But if you’re giving it all you’ve got to make it happen, you’re in a Caliville state of mind.

“Caliville represents a journey, not a physical destination,” says Co-Founder Chase Lauer. Chase and Brett met through music, but it was Brett’s work ethic and attitude that inspired the creation of Caliville, paired with a talent that made “Sleep Without You” a clear #1 even before it topped charts. “When you’re chasing down a dream, wherever that road may lead you, it’s your mentality that can make or break you. Caliville is living care-free, knowing that you’re doing everything in your power to succeed. You create the world you live in, so stay positive, be present, and enjoy the ride.”